Friday, March 9, 2012

Might be running out of plastic liners........

When I started weaving on it last night, I thought, this is not going to work out. I actually considered ripping the first couple of rows I had woven out on Monday night. But what else was I going to do with the warp? I had no yarn with me to use. So I just started weaving. The more I wove, beating the weft into the piece, the more the pattern is visible. At this point it is still to early to say how it really looks. I just have to finish it and take it off the loom to see if it really shows in any way what I had planned for it to do. Maybe if I had chosen a thicker warp yarn, so that the difference between weft and warp would not be so great, it would stay out more - but at this point I just have to wait and see.

Woven section in 3 over 1 twill.  I want he warp to show the movements of waves while the plastic liners in their murky colors are supposed to be a reflection of the Gulf of Mexico.
This is the underside of the weaving or back.

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