Friday, November 18, 2016

Some of my framed pieces at the Copper Kitchen at the SSA

The Southwest School of Art in San Antonio TX, has a beautiful little lunch place, called the Copper Kitchen. For the past 2 months some of my framed artwork has been hanging there. At first I wondered how my weavings with colorful plastic bags and caution tape would look in the historic setting - but it works.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What's up with me

I really haven't posted lately but lots of things are going on.
I started this summer with a new series on the big loom at SSA.
Here is a snippet of my third piece which is about Global Warming:
yes everybody is affected and we will have to work together.

My next piece I am not sure what it will be called but I over dyed some yellow cotton warp. 
Love the colorful outcome - Nature

.............and last but not least  - another piece on my loom at home
which will be felted when taken off: