Friday, December 28, 2012

Started weaving rug for my bathroom

My bathroom has the weirdest wall paper and a chandelier.......
Go figure. Anyway - the rest of it has white tiles. I painted the cabinet and door already red because I didn't like the sterile white which surrounded me. But also the bathroom floor is white tile.
So I decided to try to create also a wacky rug which might match the crazy wallpaper.
I think I am off to a good start. I tied on to my monksbelt warp which was on my loom.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Updated webpage with 3 new pieces

normally I do this at New Years Eve, but today was the day that I did it - maybe in foresight of the ending of the world tomorrow......

Amber Waves of Grain Amber Waves of Grain by Doerte Weber

Gone shopping in Pink 
gone shopping in pink by Doerte Weber

Hold Unto Me - I come in Many Colors
Hold Unto Me by Doerte Weber

what I have been doing

other then finishing my last pieces. .....
I wove other bamboo /Habu blinds for the living room which came out very nice. Need to show a picture of them hanging.....This time I measured correctly and they are long enough.

I finish the piece I wove over Thanksgiving.
At first I cut off the left over warp then I attached it again as fringes. Looks good, need to take pictures for my website.......

Here you see the back, on the sides the plastic is hanging out.

finished bamboo curtains hanging in my breakfast area


Enclosed you see my handwoven blinds. I love how they look. The second one is not long enough. But really no big deal because it hangs in front of the window which we open all the time.
The room does look darker, so I might want to roll them up if I want light. But for most times they are perfect.