Thursday, June 7, 2018

Framing your Weaving

This morning I learned one of the most important lesson - the difference a correct framed weaving makes. I had framed my piece for the Common Current Show like this:

But then I found a mark on the mat and decided to cover it up with another mat. I choose a more warm colored mat, responding to the colors in the weavings. I did a sketch in photoshop before I proceeded buying a mat. And look at the difference it makes. Now the Airport looks in place. It just makes me happy when pieces fall into place and the outcome has improved.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Pattern in Surface Design Magazine and Blue Star Red Dot Sale

How fun, my piece made it into the: inaugural Online Member Gallery exhibition, embraces the theme of “Pattern,” echoing the theme of the Spring 2018 Surface Design Journal.
You can see it here:
Glass Ceiling
structural weaving with plasticbags from drycleaner and newspapers
45 in x 48 in

and if you want to buy the piece. It is in this year's Blue Star Red Dot Sale.