Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weaving with Roses???????

Want to weave with roses. Bought 100 roses and had them in a vase for a couple of days till they opened up. Then I hang them on my front porch thinking they would dry. Oh wonder it rained in my neck of the woods and they got wet. Now they are hanging in my utility room to dry......very wet, hope they will not mold first!

Lacey Shawl in plain weave

 Sometimes or most times for me you start thinking of a project and then it takes on a different form then what you set out to do. I am still not sure where I want to go - tend toward saori weaving.......
need to let this speak to me for a couple of days.
started new shawl, mostly linen and silk
detail of the fibers, with open spaces created thru open dents

colors so far chosen for weft

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New stick piece

This time I played with spaces between the dent to see how it would hold together.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Handwoven Wool/Mohair Shawl

The other day I was sitting in a meeting and getting rather cold. I thought to myself, it is time to weave a shawl for yourself. I had just gotten 3 boxes of yarn as a gift and found beautiful wool mix for a warp and mohair for the weft. I had forgotten how easy and fast it goes to warp with thick wool. 
I had to manipulate the pattern just to see if I could and then changed the tie up to a 2/2 twill, very loosely woven with mohair. Love the outcome, tonight I will bring more colors into the weft.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Review of Texsolv Polyester Linked-Loop Cord & Pegs

Originally submitted at VillageSpinning & Weaving

Texsolv Polyester Linked-Loop Cord & Pegs The perfect cord for replacing the rope or cord on your loom. There are holes every half-inch in the cord making adjusting very easy. The ''Beam Cord'' is a li

working great on my loom

By Doerte from San Antonio TX on 1/8/2012


5out of 5

Pros: Can Withstand Use, Versatile, Easy To Use

Describe Yourself: Novice

Was this a gift?: No

Easy to make changed to the treadling with the help of Texsolv pins and cord
Loved the fast delivery.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Started with cleaning my closets, got rid of things and looked at all my treasures I had saved....
That prompted me to re-open my Etsy store:
Then I cleaned up my webpage a bit, took all the crafty elements out and will keep those on my blog.
And this seems to be just the beginning.......can think of many more things which need to go and have a new look.
And instead of starting a new weaving, I decided to play with funky yarn and crocheting:
fun with yarn