I was not sure how the tension would hold in this shawl. I wanted it to be like nature with different natural fibers. The warp is cotton, wool and silk fibers. For the fibers to come out, I chose a plain weave.

warp, love the colors

had to dye the weft because the beige looked grey

after washing, with cute fringes
This summer (2012) I wove several shawls for my nephew's wedding:
The bride is from Japan. I tried to match the culture in staying close to the national colors of the flap in red and white, but chose softer tones. The old nordic pattern showed her the welcome into her new country Germany. The yarn is Habu wool from Japan.

Here is a photo of me with the shawl I tried to match to a dress. It was too cold in the end to wear the dress.
The other shawl was for Kati, my son's girl friend.
Doerte, Luca & Katii

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