Monday, March 12, 2012

One small mistake........

took me hours to figure out where it was and how to fix it.
I started out yesterday, thinking I could just weave one piece without interruption. I had given myself 8 hrs. The piece was planned, the warp measured and ready to put on....
Since it was a narrow piece, I got the warp sleyed in 1 hour, winded up the warp, everything looked good.

When I tried to do tabby, the first mistake came up. I reread my draft, I made sure threads weren't cross. Everything was like it was supposed to be. But still I had persistent mistakes. Finally I went back to my book from which I copied the pattern and realized I made a mistake when I copied which not was repeating itself in the warp. I had to rethink what I wanted to do and fix it. 
2 hrs later everything was ready to finally start weaving. I had chosen yellow bamboo as the weft. But it was too strong and interfering with the yellow roses. I tried a softer yellow wool but it still was competing. Then I found some paper I had bought for a different project but not used and it was right. The pattern doesn't show up as planned but I still like how the outcome is. And there is a stiffness to the weft, I truly like. Kind of as delicate as the dried roses.

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