Thursday, April 28, 2011

finished blanket with sockyarn

It is done, with many mistakes because of my tension problems.
I look at it and I think it was woven by someone on a back strap loom many years ago. It has and old vintage look to it. I washed it with towels in the washing machine to make sure it doesn't come apart. It is going to be a play blanket for a baby which he might take with him for naps to daycare as well.
When I chose the yarn, I thought of legos. When I finished it, it looks like ikat dyeing done in Central America. And I do like it. Maybe because of the mistakes, of all the small imperfection it has. It makes it more personal, something which beckons you to use it. Farewell my learning project. 
Now I have to try a second one and hope I learned to control my own loom better.

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