Thursday, March 31, 2011

my Bahama scarf

you saw the colors and now the beginning of the weaving:

A friend in my class at the Southwest School of Art gave me the advice to work in larger blocks to get the effect of the colors in the pattern.
Again it is Hucklace, more open this time. I am working with dyed rayon and dyed cotton weft.
At first I was very disappointed with my weft color but in using it, it fits perfect.
I wonder how it will shrink if I wash it. I like the change I made to the borders in plain weave.
Something amazing happened to me while I am weaving it:
• I can see the blue/green water -  feel the sun on my skin but also watch the earthy color which keeps me grounded or more later during the day when we would watch the sunset.......
This weaving is very meditative - not just weaving a scarf - trying not to make a mistake in the pattern but being there  -  remembering the beauty of the Bahamas  -  how happy I was being there - in a way overwhelmed with the colors and the beauty of the landscape all around me. Never had I seen that color of water.
I need to dig in my photos to find pictures which go with my scarf.

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