Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Glimakra loom

A few weeks back I was very fortunate to purchase a used Glimakra loom, 8 harnesses.
I had been in need of a 8 harness loom at home. It took us 2 weeks to put it together and work out how to do the tie up. I had a friend helping me. Without her, it would have taken me a much longer time.
set up frame
ready to weave my first sample

look at this tension

and the back
I have to say, it is wonderful to weave on it. Very smooth, great tension sysstem and no more pain in shoulders or neck. Best investment I ever made. And it is more beautiful then most of my living room furniture.
Can't wait to weave my other projects on it.


  1. I had my first Glimåkra in the dining-room. It's the most valuable furniture one can have. Now I have a workshop an several Glimåkras- I love them. Enjoy weaving !

    Greetings from Sweden / Liebe Grüsse