Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Luminaria Reflection


  1. Doerte, The work was beautiful. But even more beautiful was watching you enjoy those who got to see and feel it. That was the highLIGHT of Luminaria for me. Thank you~

  2. Doerte

    This was my favorite Luminaria art work.
    Some of,it is jus to off the cuff, but your art installation was thoughtful, craftful and meaningful. thank you!

  3. Doerte, I love what you've done with your reflection. Makes me feel not quite so bad about missing the Luminaria experience again this year.
    One connection I'm making is that your display kiosks remind me of clothes hanging on the line. I'm just home from a visit in my hometown in Massachusetts. I took a walk by the house I grew up in and noticed for the first time in many years the metal clothes line anchored in place in the back yard. It was a metal structure similar in form to the kiosks you used.