Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Habu Bamboo yarn in my shawl

.....okay, most people start thinking of recycling plastic bags when they hear me talking about my weaving. But no, I do weave with beautiful fibers, like these fine, gold, silver and charcoal gray Habu bamboo for my shawl. Own design may I say!  24 ends per inch - over 600 ends, endless hours just to put the warp on which is 7 ft for 2 shawls by the way.

doerte weber
Finally the warp is on and it looks right, only 2 threading errors and 2 heddles to make - lucky me.
doerte weber
I do love it, when my idea in my head translates correctly in my weaving

still have to perfect my selvedges.......

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  1. That is gorgeous! I've always loved that color blending effect. You will be stunning in that shawl.