Monday, August 8, 2011

Plain Weave with Newspaper plastic Liners

For about a year now, I collected the plastic liners which come around the daily newspaper.
They were nice and thin. This weekend I finally started weaving with them. I did not want to cut them up, but realized soon that I needed to slice them horizontal to get a long piece of plastic .
My idea was to weave a plastic outdoor rug, 30 x 60 inches.

detail of the random colors and the writing

you see well where the joints are

full width on the loom


  1. what an awesome idea! i love the finished product in the next post. i've seen stuff like this sold all over. very eco-friendly idea.

  2. I've so enjoyed wending my way through your blog! There are so many interesting projects.
    Can you tell me what sett you use on the plastic rug projects - and also for the stick weaving projects. Thanks!

    1. sorry, just read your question.
      I can't remember what set I used. It varies, sometimes 10 , sometimes 8 ends per inch with plastic weavings
      Stick weavings the same, depends on the thickness of the warp and sticks. You just have to play with it and it will come to you.