Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Slaying the reed

Last night I sled the reed. I double counted to make sure I had the right amounts of ends in each color. But then the next obstacle presented itself or I should have thought of it earlier.
I realized that I had dyed part of the warp which changes the shrinkage compared to the white which hadn't been washed and will shrink more....... The consequence would have been to wash the white warp as well before slaying the loom. But did I take it out? No, I am taking my chances to see what will happen and see if it really makes a big difference. Since I am going to weave 6 panels - if this one doesn't turn out, I replace it weave 7 instead. We'll see. 
And I am sure I find more things which I haven't considered and should have..........
Live and learn!

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