Thursday, August 19, 2010

Self portrait

I used a photo of myself, applied a psd filter, printed it on cotton fabric and handstitched quilted it.
But to me something is still missing. It still looks to 2 -D. Need to add some more stitching or beads?


  1. Wow, I love this! How did you quilt it together? Were they all individually pieced together, or was it one big material in which you stitched around the colors? Regardless, it's beautiful.

    I think as far as the 3D effect, I would do some embroidery stitches on just certain tones - maybe on your scarf or across the body, just to single out the person in the piece.

  2. It was one big piece of cotton on which I printed with a commercial printer, then added a piece of flannel in between and backed it up with cotton. Was kind of difficult to get the needle thru. I just did small areas at a time.
    Kind of fun.Embroidery stitches - great idea, will see what I remember and can do